Carlie Weinreb, 9-year-old tax whiz, at TaxCOOP

We have the pleasure to confirm that Carlie Weinreb, a 9-year-old canadian tax whiz will be a part of the Forum for a New Generation.

Carlie Weinreb is the North American media-proclaimed 9-year-old financial whiz, proficient at advanced mental math calculations and lecturing on the Canadian and U.S. income and sales tax systems.

With her first lecture at 6 years old at one of the largest tax firms worldwide Carlie has since brought her knowledge to the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario , CPA conference and more .
She has more than half a million views on Social media . Carlie has appeared on numerous media outlets such as CBS, Fox ,CBC, and NBC including the Steve Harvey Show and Bloomberg News .
Carlie has written articles for numerous organizations including the Government of Canada’s Federal Consumer Agency . Carlie is the CEO of a store front math location she recently launched .

Carlie will present her own code of ethics in tax to the young experts and viewers at the Forum for a New Generation and she is inviting young people across the world to do the same.

To see Carlie in action :