Media 2016

Interview with Hon. Louise Otis, Radio-Canada émission 24/60 May 24 2016

Bertrand, Maxime; Fiscalité: nouveau consensus mondial pour aider les pays en voie de développement, Radio-Canada,  May 24 2016

Bertrand,Maxime; Lutter contre les paradis fiscaux, Radio-Canada , May 23 2016

Bertrand, Maxime; Après les “Panama Papers” la Banque mondiale cherche des solutions, Radio-Canada, May 23 2016

Desrosiers, Eric; Guerre fiscale internationale, Le Devoir May 28 2016

Beneficial ownership urgent us issue ex-senator Levin says, Tax analysts, May 23 2016

Tax Experts on Tax Issues In Developing Countries, TPA Global, May 26 2016

Winning Tax Wars Conference Incentives Key Developing Countries Tax Reform Efforts, Tax Notes, May 30 2016

 The World Bank Group; Plain packaging tobaxxo taxes: an antidote for manipulation and deception, South American Times, June 1st 2016

Colford, Christopher; Winning Tax Wars Mobilizing Public Revenue: Preventing Tax Evasion, Blog World Bank, Mai 23 2016

Auger, Michel C.; “Les États se livrent une véritable guerre fiscale”, Pas de midi sans info, Ici Radio-Canada Première Interview with Brigitte Alepin May 23 2016

Comment prévenir les dérives de la concurrence fiscale, Conseiller CA, Interview with Brigitte Alepin, May 25 2016

Saucier, Jean-Nicolas; Fiscalité – La concurrence mondiale: Nouveau fleau économique, Afrique expansion, May 242016


 To see and review panels follow this link.

See also the first day of the conference to listen to the speech of Hon. Michel Sapin , Minister of Finance of France.