Program 2016

A Conference on "Winning the Tax Wars"

Global solutions for Developing Countries
Day 1
23 May 2016
Day 2
24 May 2016


Jan Walliser

TAX COMPETITION: Are We at War? A Historical Review

Countries around the world are competing on tax rates and ownership of the tax base, often resulting in harmful tax behavior. This panel will provide a historical perspective of how...
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Vito Tanzi
Erika Dayle Siu
Michael Keen
Blanca Moreno-Dodson

TAX COMPETITION: An Unleveled Playing Field for Developing Countries?

Developing countries are often compelled to lower tax rates, limit the use of certain types of tax instruments, and/or provide particular tax advantages to firms which, do not only have...
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Jim Brumby
Victoria Perry
Grace Perez-Navarro
Manuel Montes


Domestic tax policymaking has been under pressure to design a tax system that allows minimizing distortions to economic activity in order to stay competitive in a globalized world, often in...
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Juan Ricardo Ortega
Michael Sell
Cristina Duarte
Michel Sapin
Vanessa Houlder

Keynote Speech: Reducing Secrecy and Improving Tax Transparency

Keynote Speech: Senator Carl Levin Presenter: Brigitte Alepin
Senator Carl Levin

How Tax Transparency Could Lead to Better Global Tax Rules

This session will illustrate how government-led investigations can advance public discourse on the enduring problems of international tax competition and what we can learn from tax investigations. The session will...
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Richard Rubin
Omri Marian
Elise J. Bean


In a globalized world where capital is mobile across boundaries and where multinational firms play an increasing role in trade and investment, the design of “competitive” tax policy (instruments, structure...
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Vanessa Houlder
Rita de la Feria
Bill Parks
Dereje Alemayehu
El Hadji Ibrahima DIOP

DEBATE: Tax Competition or Tax Cooperation? Consequences for Developing Countries

The purpose of the debate is to discuss the outcomes of tax competition versus tax cooperation from the perspective of developing countries. This issue will be explored through a series...
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Veronique de Rugy
Alison Holder
OTIS, Louise
Jay K. Rosengard

Expanding the global tax base: Taxing to promote public goods,tobacco taxes

This session will be dedicated to exploring how countries can use tobacco taxes to reduce harmful behavior for health while raising fiscal revenues, with particular lessons for developing countries, which...
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Fernando Serra Semiglia
Patricio Marquez
Jason Furman
Rong Zheng
Philip Cook
George Akerlof
Jeremias Paul

Coffee Break. Book Signing

“Phishing for Phools” and Tobacco and Alcohol Taxation”: Prof. George Akerlof, 2001 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, and University Professor at Stanford University and Georgetown University “Paying the Tab” and...
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Expanding the global tax base: taxing to promote public goods – carbon taxes

Carbon taxes can contribute to improve social welfare by reducing negative externalities associated with a polluted environment. This session will focus on how the design of carbon taxes could be...
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François Damerval
Adam Koniuszewski
William S. Becker
Corinne Lepage

How to tax wealth better? OTHER TAX INSTRUMENTS?

Taxing stored wealth in the hands of capital owners and the beneficiaries of their estates could become a preferred solution towards reducing income disparities globally. This session will explore the...
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Lilian Faulhaber
Joe Thorndike
Eric M. Zolt
Richard Murphy