Rising stars cocktail 2018

Rising stars cocktail dedicated to the taxation of robots

The robots are already among us. Originally used exclusively in the industrial sector, the use of robots has extended to all aspects of our lives. The progress of the impact of robots on our society necessarily calls for new reflections that, in addition to the ethical issue, will include the taxation of their use.

TaxCOOP is concerned by the taxation of robots because if not taxed adequately, it can cause unfair competition with human workers. Convinced that the new generation can play a decisive role in these debates, TaxCOOP proposes the Rising stars cocktail to put the spotlight on young people. For the Rising stars cocktail 2018, TaxCOOP invites young people to think about the taxation of robots.


Moderator :

Sophie Fay
Grand Reporter Economy at the OBS

Speakers :

Carlie Weinred
Tax Whiz

Xavier Oberson
Professor University of Geneva

The Rising stars cocktail in the media :